My Logo #2    Khyng-Jayden Productions (KJP) is an independent music production company that was founded August 21, 2001 when founder/producer Superstar Kay began making music just for a pastime. After discovering his true passion he had for music, his hobby then became his career. KJP’s signature sound of heavy snares, as well as mellow tunes can be distinguished in the selection of over 13,000 instrumentals archived for those who may appreciate many varieties. KJP produces unique sounds by taking into heavy consideration originality and versatility; while specializing in Hip—Hop/R&B. In addition to these genres, other works have   included, but are not limited to Grime, Pop, Rock, Neo-Soul, Gospel, and Alternative.

Khyng– Jayden Productions is comprised of two unique individuals (Superstar Kay, Akitak Uzu) who have successfully contributed to making KJP a “go to” for a variety of production needs. Together, the team has produced for a multitude of clients including, but not limited to: Slip N’ Slide Records, Ca$hino, Southside Jones, Jimbo Louisiana, D.N.A., and Dolla One. By acknowledging that music unifies and transcends all boundaries, the producers at KJP pride themselves on serving a diverse clientele. By providing both custom and non-custom beats, the team allows themselves to be influenced by other producers, all forms of art, everyday life, and of course…their clients. As a result, Khyng–Jayden Productions is a highly respected business that frequently receives positive feedback from those who they have had the opportunity to work with.

With the heartbeat of the company being their quality music production, other services are also offered. The founder, Superstar Kay, is one who also dabbles a little into his own artistry of rapping and singing, and as a result has a more intimate appreciation for the artists that he works with. Such appreciation encouraged a desire for growth and as a result sister companies 937 Magazine (an online magazine that caters to independent artists) and Khyng-Jayden Radio (an online radio station that provides an outlet for all forms of audio art and promotion) were born. Superstar Kay believed that by also developing platforms for his clients and business network KJP would grow to become not only a mainstay in the entertainment business, but eventually become a household name. While leaning on 15 years in the business KJP and founder Superstar Kay are still growing. In addition to the very recent site upgrade, Superstar Kay is looking to increase the production team and provide an even wider variety of instrumentals to choose from. Also, look forward to the creation of a weekly web-isode that will discuss the business side of music; recording studios “The Shadow Gallery” and “Aisha’s Light”, which will be respectively located in Cleveland, OH and Newport News, VA, and pop up networking events in cities near you. The quality of the production, catered services, and continuous growth are what set Khyng-Jayden Productions aside from your average independent production company; they are definitely music production and a whole lot more.